Mind Capsules – Iron Fist #1 and Mighty Avengers #9

Iron Fist #1 (2014)

Writer and Artist – Kaare Andrews

Another new first issue from Marvel Comics, this time it is Iron Fist getting another shot at an ongoing book.  With the last volume being so good, it would have seemed almost an impossible task to create something better, but luckily Kaare Andrews is off to a good start.  Here we have the classic origin tale, though in the form of an interview as well as focusing more upon Daniel’s family and the journey before they arrived in K’un L’un.  Extremely expressive artwork by Andrews which really puts you in the moment when they are on the slopes of the mountain and as the book progresses, transforms into some very dynamic action scenes while ramping up the reader’s excitement with a battle against some undead ninjas.  A nice take on our stalwart hero who has had numerous chances at holding onto a book of his own, but never seeming to do it for very long, so hopefully, this one will break the mold.  Andrews seems to understand our protagonist and just what makes him tick.  The inclusion of his family makes the reader feel a little more empathetic towards him and if we are lucky, we will see a little more of that in issues to come.

A really fantastic first issue.

5 out of 5
Mighty Avengers #9

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Greg Land

This issue features the unmasking of the hero Ronin, which is not a big revelation as it was spoiled after the first issue was released many months ago.  So if you have been living under a rock, it would turn out to be Blade the Vampire Hunter.  It is a neat idea, having Blade on a superhero team as he seems an odd fit.  He lends a lot of combat and supernatural experience which can only aid the team, especially in cases requiring the latter.  It is also nice to see him back in the spotlight so to speak as he has really been flying under the radar for a number of years.  Ewing also deals with some of the family drama surrounding the Blue Marvel and his sons, one of whom has been stuck in the negative zone for a number of years and is now coming back, dragging the Zone with him and putting the entire solar system at risk.  Some pretty pictures by Land highlight an already good script by Ewing, the only downside being the way the ending of the book was spoiled before it was ever published.

4 out of 5

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