Lyrical Musings – Bands That Should Be Bigger Than They Are

There are a ton of bands out in the world today, and many more appearing everyday.  There are all sorts of music that will appeal to all sorts of people and chances are if you do not like one type, there is a type that you will.  Some bands have gone on to be huge, while some who are far superior, have not.  Blood Red Shoes, The Joy Formidable, Phantogram, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and British Sea Power have all experienced critical acclaim and have put out some fascinating albums.  Just why they have not been able to cross that magical line into super-stardom is unknown, but they still have time to do so and perhaps one day, they shall.  They are by no means unknown bands either, but they are five bands that should be bigger than they are.  Check out these tracks and find out what you might have been missing.

Blood Red Shoes – Heartsink

The Joy Formidable – A Heavy Abacus

Phantogram – Black Out Days

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Hate the Taste

British Sea Power – Machineries of Joy

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