Full of Potential – The Occultist Volume 1

The Occultist, written by Tim Seeley, deals with a guy named Rob, who just happens to stumble upon some powers that he never asked for in the first place and now must face off against demons and other evil folk who want that power for themselves.  No more normal life for now as he must learn to control the ‘sword’ that is within him, or die in the process from an unknown number of threats.

The first thing that strikes you about the Occultist are the covers by Steve Morris and the amazing artwork by Victor Drujiniu.  It is bold, striking and slick and pulls your eyes in to admire every detail on the page.  His figure-work is beautiful to behold and they pop off the page as the backgrounds are very minimalist in nature.  The sparseness is advantageous as the book is heavy on the action and you are more often than not, focused on the characters.  Detective Melendez is especially attractive under his pencil and she provides a nice balance against the grotesqueries of the monsters.

The book does has a good premise and some really good ideas, but it is the execution of them that is lacking.  The writing feels disjointed, like the book was drawn first in the old Marvel style with just the plot and the words filled in later.  The problem it seems is like Seeley tried to fit the script in and it would not and so parts were either left out or were rewritten to do so.  It was not terrible, but the book had a poor flow to it and was distracting to say the least.

The monsters and villains in the book are quite interesting as are the situations, our hero and his supporting characters.  The relationship between Detective Melendez and Rob is one of the bright spots in the book and could be something to explore further down the road.  Simply put if the writing had been just a bit stronger, the story would have been phenomenal.  The book does hold great potential, it simply needs to be unlocked.

2.5 out of 5

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