Just That – Monster From the Ocean Floor (1954)

There is no subtlety, no subtext, no hidden themes or meanings in this film.  It is just a straight up, old-school monster movie.  There is a beautiful girl, a handsome guy and a monster from the ocean’s floor.  Of course there are also the superstitious locals, the urban legends and the doubts that go along with all of it.  All clichés of course, as there is not a spot of innovation or originality whatsoever in this film, but that is not what you would watch a movie like this for.  This film is purely for the creature-feature loving fan and nothing else.

Julie, played by Anne Kimbel plays our lead protagonist as well as our damsel in distress.  She is curious, probably more than is good for her, and wants to seek this monster out.  Which she does and of course, has to be rescued.  Also a cliché is Anne Kimbel herself – blonde, beautiful and a perfect fit for the film or any other interchangeable science-fiction movie.  She does a fine job in her role, delivering her lines as they need to be and never boring.

Starring opposite her was Stuart Wade who does a commendable job.  He is not as charismatic as Kimbel, but he plays the role as well as he can.  The rest of the cast is just there to fill the roles that are needed and are forgettable at best.  Such as it is in most D through Z movies.

The special-effects are not as terrible as some other films of their ilk, but are still nothing to be excited about.  Even though the rubber suit guy looks cheesy, it would have been worse had they not used the blurry-ocean effect to cover up just how bad it might have looked otherwise.

There are better films about giant monsters, Godzilla, and worse ones, It Conquered the World, and this film falls somewhere in-between.  It never won any awards, the script is okay and fairly average and it is a film that you will only ever watch once.  But should you need to fill an hour of your time, this film will do the job.

3 out of 5

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  1. I have actually seen this one, once a long time ago. And I agree. It is as far from awful as it is from memorable. But it is fun enough as to not be a total waste of time.


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