Issue by Issue – Machine Man #3

ImageWriter – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Colours – Petra Goldberg
Letters – Mike Royer

This issue sees our hero trying to figure out the source of the interstellar communications from the mental patient at Doctor Spalding’s hospital.  Doing so, the two of them realise that they must help the man before he and his ship get destroyed.  Building a device out of his own body parts, X-51 brings the creature to Earth and finds he is a machine man much like him named Ten-For.  The problem now is that Ten-For is here and he just happens to be a holocaust specialist!

Great issue by Kirby, both writing and art but most especially the two-page spread on the second and third pages of the book which is awesome in the science-fiction wonder that it displays.  The rest of the book is just as good, much improving upon the second issue of the series.  X-51 also gained a new villain, one with an incredibly terrible name, but one with a skillset that is so highly imaginative it is quite amazing that no other writers have appropriated it for their own.  Brilliant stuff!

4.5 out of 5

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