AVX 3fer – Reviews

Avengers Academy – AVX
Avengers Academy #29-33 crossed over with the year’s biggest event AVX.  Even so, the sales bump it might have gotten because of it did no help in the long run and it would only be one additional arc until the book was cancelled.  The book was one of Marvel’s titles which featured a younger cast – notably Avengers in training.  Hazmat, Reptil, White Tiger, Mettle and X-23 were just some of the students being taught there.  Because of the AVX tie-in factor we were also treated to a smattering of young X-Men from the Jean Grey School.  All of this of course came into conflict as Juston and his Sentinel, more specifically the Sentinel was deemed too dangerous to live.  Enter the White Queen, Emma Frost and one-fifth Phoenix host and that conflict goes to 11.  A good book, not a great one with a little bit of a less intrusive tie-in mega event.  I like Tom Grummet on pencils but they could have been a bit tighter.  3 out of 5

Uncanny X-Men by Kieron Gillen Volume 4: AVX
This arc collected the final bit of Kieran Gillen’s Uncanny run before the Marvel Now reboot, as well as tying into AVX.  It comprised the finale of Gillen’s Sinister storyline with the Phoenix Five making an appearance.  In this book the P5 decide they finally have to put an end to Sinister once and for all as he doesn’t fit into the new Pax Utopia they are trying to build.  Gillen ends his run strong and has no problem working within the AVX crossover, which is nice to see.  It makes this a much stronger book that he is able to do so and he ends it quite well.  The best bits are with Danger and Unit as that little storyline is tied up as well.  Gillen is talented, extremely so and I was sorry to see his run end so soon.  One of the better AVX crossovers.  4 out of 5

X-Men Legacy: AVX
The final volume of X-Men Legacy also happened to be an AVX tie-in, though it had less to do with it than many of the other books.  It collects the final issues and is very Rogue-centric.  Most of the books are the standard crossover stuff, though Rogue’s ‘I’ve beaten them by myself before, I can do it again’ line referring to the Avengers is pretty cool.  The most interesting part was when she got shunted off into another universe/planet and brokered peace between two races while basically depowered.  Not a bad send-off for one of Marvel’s longest running books – but not what I would have liked to have seen as a finale.  Solid writing from the author and some not bad art to boot contained herein.  3.5 out of 5

So there we have three trade paperbacks and all from Marvel and all of them tying into Avengers vs. X-Men, the big event of the year.  Not bad all in all.  Worst thing were the price hikes on X-Men: Legacy and Avengers Academy.  Both came in soft cover and would normally go for approximately $16.99 each, but AA was upped by $8 and Legacy by $13.  Shameful!  Just because they tie-in to your most important event of the year, does not mean you need to jack up the price.  The second worst thing was that they were only available in soft cover.  For those that might have been collecting the titles, they were available in hardcover as well.  So for some people, you will now have one book in the run that does not match.  Ridiculous.
On those points, Marvel failed this time out. 1 out of 5

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