Guardians of the Galaxy #4 – Quick Review

This issue was a far better one than the last.  The writing seemed more spot on for the characters and the art by Sara Pichelli was amazing.  I would love for Pichelli to become the new regular artist on the book as it seems a better fit than McNiven’s.  The characters, the situations, the expressions on their faces – all were drawn superbly.  The story as well was a nice change.  It was nice to see the Guardians let their hair down, though I would have liked to see them return to Knowhere and the return of Kosmo.  Perhaps it’s still to come.  Starlord also makes a passing reference to the Cancerverse and still no closure on that front which is a real shame.  Whenever Bendis does come to that, it had better be a doozy of a tale.

4 out of 5

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