Issue by Issue – Wonderland #2

Writer – Ralph Griffith, Stuart Kerr
Artist – Danny Wall
Inker – Chris Theisen
Letters – W.A.R. Studios

At the tail-end of the previous issue, the Cheshire Cat showed up a little worse for wear and proceeds to tell the tale of how this would happen and it begins with a mission he was to accomplish from Alice. He would seek out the White Rabbit for aid in his quest and it is there that the Rabbit tells him of the good fortune he has fallen into, a fortune which he is willing to share if the Cheshire Cat would aid him in his various tasks. Curious, Chet agrees to at least see what is up and goes on a task with Rabbit, finding out that it is the King of Hearts who is financing Rabbit and when Chet decides to bow out, that is when things go very wrong. It seems that Chet and Rabbit are part of a plan and Chet is not going to wait around to find out what it is which leads readers to the current situation. As it stands, this is just the beginning of the story that Ralph Griffith and Stuart Kerr have crafted and soon enough, they finally get to the big bad of it all who many might have thought was indeed the Red Queen but in a bit of a twist, is actually the Red King. Yes, the Red Queen is present and she is hideous, a beast of enormous proportions whose hunger cannot be satiated and what the Red King does, he does for her though one does have to wonder if he has a hidden agenda. As it is, that has to wait for another issue as this one finds Alice and Dorothy and all of their companions heading for the Card Kingdom where they mean to finally make their move against the Red Queen. Such as it is though, they only get so far before they are betrayed by someone they thought was on their side and now it remains to be seen if they are going to be able to get out of this situation before their heads are removed from their bodies. Danny Wall does a great job on the artwork, the book looks just as good as the first issue did and he makes the Red Queen as fearsome as can be in her now engorged state. There are a lot of players in the game at the moment and it should be interesting to see just where it is they all end up when the game is finally over. Hopefully, Dorothy manages to find herself a way home, though if Alice can make it in Wonderland, so too can Dorothy.

3.5 out of 5

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