Issue by Issue – Kobra #7

Writer – Martin Pasko
Artist – Mike Nasser
Inker – Joe Rubenstein
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Ben Oda

With the last issue, it seemed as if Jason Burr had died. It also looked like Kobra had passed beyond the veil as well and Jonny Double and Ross Emerson believe it to be so. That being said, there is still a chance he is alive and that is when Burr busts in through the door where a swift altercation takes place due to a misunderstanding. After a quick trip to the hospital to see Randu Singh, Burr decides to take matters into his own hands and uses Kobra’s stolen bracelet to steal aboard Kobra’s ship where he comes face to face with the villain, the man who also happens to be his brother. Things, of course, do not go according to whatever plan it is that Burr had in mind as Kobra had been planning for this moment for some time. Burr finds himself attacked, the empathic mind-link between the two now null and void thanks to Kobra’s inventiveness. Now imprisoned, Burr finally discovers what happened to his girlfriend and is shown just what it is that Kobra has planned, his rival being all too forthcoming with his schemes. Readers learn what Project R is as well as what happened to the bodies of Burr’s parents which was a plot point during this issue and one can only imagine what will happen when Kobra enacts his master plan. There was a lot of good stuff happening during this story, the artwork by Mike Nassar in particular as it had a rough edge around it, being far less polished that the first five which really suited this tale of mystery, terror and espionage far better than the rest. While it was decently paced, there was perhaps a bit too much going on, the book packed with various plot lines which in the end, did weave together but it was a lot and could have simply focused upon half as much and been just as effective. Sadly, whether Martin Pasko or Nasser knew it or not, this would be the last issue of the series, the story being unresolved, the fates of Jonny Double, Randu Singh, Burr and Kobra left up in the air, at least that is until DC Special Series saw the light of day and its first book would see the eighth ‘issue’ of this series premiere. It is a shame that this book had to end and end the way that it did and for what it was, it was interesting and yet without any real conclusion, felt like a waste of time more than many of the other DC books that would end so abruptly during the same time period. Decent stuff but unfulfilling as a whole as one could not call it a whole.

3 out of 5

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