Issue by Issue – Kobra #6

Writer – Martin Pasko
Artist – Mike Nasser
Inker – Joe Rubenstein
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Ben Oda

If there is one thing that this issue does right off the hop, it grabs the reader’s attention with the very dynamic art stylings of Mike Nasser. At first, compared to all of the previous artists on this title, it is a little jarring but it soon finds its way to the heart of the audience as the man makes the book his own and there are some truly stylish panels throughout despite a few questionable moments here and there. As far as the story goes, Martin Pasko begins things off with Kobra battling Johnny Double on the Golden Gate Bridge. Having jumped forward in time from the last issue, it soon jumps back to the past to find out how it is that Double escaped and from there, how the battle started and how it is going. It soon ends with neither side really winning and Jonny Double meets back up with Randu Singh in order to formulate their next steps while Kobra gets on with his latest plan which will ultimately give him ears around the world. It involves the takeover of an undersea telecommunications hub but they need to find Kobra’s ship first if they are to stop him. While this is going on, Jason Burr is not having the best time of it on his flight to San Francisco with what seems like visions, making it seem as if he is going mad. Pasko and Nasser finally wrap things up with Johnny Double and Randu Singh getting into the fight of their lives and when all is said and done, it looks as if Kobra lies dead which means by their psychic connection, Jason Burr must also lie dead and Singh is more than distraught. Things move along at a fairly rapid pace in this issue as most of it is taken up by various scenes of action and it sees Kobra a little more on the defensive despite him thinking the opposite. Choosing to make Jonny Double a problem only created one for himself and by the end of the book that is probably something that he regretted. Where this ends up is unknown at this point as both hero and villain quite possibly are dead, though one has to know that there is probably more to it all than meets the eye. As it stands, bringing in Double and Singh was a good move as they managed to not only flesh out the cast of the book but did so with two characters who added some necessary flavour to keep it interesting.

3.5 out of 5

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