Issue by Issue – Wonderland #1

Writer – Ralph Griffith, Stuart Kerr
Artist – Danny Wall
Inker – Bert Reinke
Letters – W.A.R. Studios

In the third issue of Dark Oz, Dorothy disappeared from the Good Witch’s castle as it was caught on fire with nobody being able to find her. In the second issue of Arrow Anthology, it was discovered that she fell through a mirror into a strange hallway filled with many doors and it is there that she would meet the White Rabbit from Wonderland. Though in a hurry, the White Rabbit would help Dorothy out and send her on her way except it would not be to Oz but to Wonderland that she would find herself. That takes readers to this issue as written by Oz and Dark Oz stalwarts Ralph Griffith and Stuart Kerr and illustrated by Danny Wall, the first of which sees her in a very strange place, far from what she knows. Soon she comes across Alice and her companions who are a little wary of her but welcoming nonetheless. Stories and introductions are shared and soon they are off, though as to where Dorothy could not speak to and her newfound friends will not as of yet tell her. Elsewhere in Wonderland, in Heart Castle to be exact, the King of Hearts is making plans of his own, unbeknownst to his queen and Jack, a very worrisome fellow, is made privy to them as he airs his grievances. It seems the queen has been on a bit of a rampage of late, collecting far too many heads and Jack is worried that he himself will soon be without one. The king tells him not to worry and proceeds to let Jack know of the actions he has taken of late, one of them being the return of the Ace and another being the capture of the White Rabbit. As for Alice and Dorothy, they finally arrive at their destination where it is revealed that the denizens of Wonderland are looking to depose the Queen of Hearts while her forces are depleted and while things get a little out of hand, things soon fall in line until the Chesire Cat appears, a little worse for wear. This was a fun book, much different than Dark Oz out of which it has spun as it has a much lighter tone, though this is but the first issue of three. Readers are introduced to a fairly large cast of characters who are quite distinct in their own ways while the villain of the piece was kept out of the picture for now, a perfect way to let expectations build until her actual reveal. There seem to be some big moves being made so it should be exciting to see how it all plays out and with this creative team at the helm, it should pay off quite handsomely.

3.5 out of 5

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