Issue by Issue – Superior Iron Man #5

Writer – Tom Taylor
Artist – Laura Braga
Colours – Guru-eFX
Letters – Clayton Cowles

This issue spotlights Teen Abomination and his tragic origin tale. Of course, Tony does not care one single iota about poor Teen until he finds out who Teen’s father is. Once that little fact is made known, then things change for the better, or at least as good as it is going to get with a Tony whose nice side has been effectively turned off. Tom Taylor strikes a good balance between the tragedy of one story played against the actions and the humour that is Tony’s life at the moment and it makes for a very entertaining read. Readers find out that Teen’s mom used to work for Tony and that an accident at the lab was both responsible for his current situation and the death of his mother. And as we discover all of this, Taylor also introduces another mystery to keep those reading this title coming back for more, not to mention giving Tony something to confound him for a while. It should be pretty intriguing, especially if it ties into the revelation of who Teen’s father is, though it could just be a happy coincidence. With each and every issue, Taylor continues to impress upon his audience the unusual attitude that our hero has been exhibiting and it has been a fun ride thus far, but what readers still need to see is Tony interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe at large, especially the Avengers those who for better or worse, have been closest to him for a large part of his life. It is understandable why that confrontation is being held off though, for once it does happen, it is going to be huge and it could possibly be the end of this particular plotline. Laura Braga takes on the artistic duties in this issue and her pencils look great, continuing the style that was already established by Yildiray Cinar previously. On the whole, the book is highly enjoyable and it is fun seeing Tony acting more like an ass than he usually does. Just when he will go back to normal is anyone’s guess but seeing him like this has been a nice rejuvenating shot in the arm for the character, changing things up to make him interesting again.

4 out of 5

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