Issue by Issue – Kobra #5

Writer – Martin Pasko
Artist – Rich Buckler
Inker – Frank McLaughlin
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Ben Oda

Kobra is tired of messing about. He is tired of his twin brother, Jason Burr and he is ready to finally enact his master plan, one that will allow him to rule the world and the first step is codenamed Chrysopylae followed by another called Project R. Author Martin Pasko then cuts to a man named Jonny Double, a private detective in San Francisco who has a feeling that his current case is not all it is cracked up to be, that something is foul with the whole thing and he is not going to be taken for a fool. This leads to multiple attempts on his life by the men that follow Kobra until finally, the man himself steps up after each one failed. Double does not seem to have a chance against Kobra but he is far more resourceful than Kobra gives him credit for and yet again, he escapes almost certain death. Such as it is though, after getting knocked unconscious, Kobra finally gets his hands on the man and that is when Operation Chrysopylae comes to light. As for Burr, the erstwhile hero of the story, he is at home until he gets a call from Double asking him to go to San Francisco. While Burr does not fight any villains himself in this book, getting through the airport is a battle and a half itself that many can empathize with. Come the end of the book it looks as if Kobra is going to be triumphant but given that Burr is still on his way and the two of them have a connection that cannot be properly explained, there is every chance that he will stop Kobra like he has every time before. All in all, this was a fairly decent story and was better for the addition of Jonny Double. The addition of a little noir into the tale, no matter how small it might have been, gave it another feel which was a little refreshing as the title has been spinning its wheels just a little. The tale of two brothers, one each side of the same coin, always makes for an exciting story yet neither one is gaining any traction with their respective goals. One of them needs to gain the upper hand in a very decisive way so that the other really have something to fight for instead of the little back and forth they have going at the moment. Hopefully, with this issue, that is exactly what happened as Kobra makes some power moves.

3.5 out of 5

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