Issue by Issue – Kobra #4

Writer – Martin Pasko
Artist – Pat Gabriele
Inker – Lowell Anderson
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Ben Oda

Part of the reason that Kobra is able to get things done the way he wants them done is due to alien technology, through the use of a servitor robot who was able to cause more than a little destruction. Colour him surprised when another ovoid falls to Earth and inside of that is yet another servitor, this one larger and more powerful. Such as it is though, it does not respond to Kobra’s commands but to that of an alien that has accompanied it, looking for the original ovoid that still remains in the villain’s possession. As Martin Pasko moves the story along, shenanigans happen and those of course, courtesy of Kobra who wants all the alien tech to himself, meaning he has to find himself a way to get rid of the alien who commands it. This finds Kobra, his men and the robots attacking the man who has been out to get him as of late, the CIA operative who had tried to recruit Jason Burr – Kobra’s brother. Quite shocking is the amount of civilian casualties that just so happen to take place during said attack and the fact that this was even shown in a comic book that came out fifty or so years ago is fairly amazing as well. It is not often, or even ever that one would see regular people pay the ultimate price in a battle between heroes and villains. Aside from all of that, Pasko also continues the drama between Burr, Melissa and Kobra, of the history that the latter two seem to share though he has yet to reveal that final piece of the puzzle that will answer a plethora of questions. One has to wonder too, should the truth come out and Melissa is indeed Kobra’s lost love, if she and Burr will remain together or if she will end up going back to Kobra and perhaps reforming his character in the process. It would be interesting, to say the least, but it would effectively end the book if Kobra should become a good guy. Coming on board this issue to handle the artistic duties is Pat Gabriele and Lowell Anderson and while they do manage to make it all look good, it would be nice to see this book nail down an artist and have that artist stay as this is the fourth art team in four issues. That being said, this was a fun issue that moved things along a smidge while giving readers enough action and drama to make for a good read.

3.5 out of 5

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