Issue by Issue – Superior Iron Man #4

Writer – Tom Taylor
Artist – Yildiray Cinar
Inkers – Cory Hamsher, Tom Palmer
Colours – Guru-eFX
Letters – Clayton Cowles

Tony and Matt are still at each other’s throats, or at least Matt more so than Tony as he really could not care one way or the other. But as Matt is becoming more of an annoyance, Tony is losing patience and aims to do something about him before he becomes an even bigger problem. Throw in a run-in with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the continuing drama with Teen Abomination which in itself lends a fun new supporting character to the title as well as a bit of teen angst and Tony has his hands full. What is most interesting about this book at the moment are the exchanges between Daredevil and Iron Man. Making Matt Murdock the first ‘villain’ of the book was an inspired choice as the two men have never really seen eye to eye. With Tony’s personality inverted it widens that gap between the two men even further and has Tony cross the line come the end of the issue, doing something that puts him solidly in the villain category. When Tony runs into Maria he proves to be as smart and as slick as ever and when talking to Teen Abomination, he is as mean and sarcastic as can be. He is a completely different man, yet Tom Taylor has not really changed him all that much, only brought out the aspects Tony used to have many years ago and exaggerated them a little more than they would have been normally. We are also privy to another one of Tony’s inventions, one that strikes a familiar chord with the stories currently in the news about privacy and the infringement of it by corporations and governments. It grounds the book a little and adds a level of realism to it not previously seen within its pages in quite some time. With the continuing artwork by Yildiray Cinar being as solid as ever, the book remains entertaining and a great take on a classic hero.

4 out of 5

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