Issue by Issue – Kobra #3

Writer – Martin Pasko
Artist – Keith Giffen
Inker – Terry Austin, Dick Giordano
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Ben Oda

Kobra and Jason Burr are currently plunging to their deaths, unable to do anything about it after a failed attack against Solaris. While it seems like their lives are over, Perez, the man who has recruited Burr to help take out Kobra comes down from the sky and manages to rescue Burr while Kobra looks to have died. It is a weird situation given the psychic link between the brothers and it makes Burr believe that maybe the link was not as strong as he thought and now he can live the rest of his life out in peace. All of that being said, Kobra is in fact, not dead. He breaks into Burr’s house, not to the reader’s surprise and confronts his brother over what has recently happened and how Burr is actually being used by the CIA, something Burr had no idea about but it all begins to make sense. Author Martin Pasko makes things interesting from this point as Kobra and Burr’s girlfriend Melissa seem to have some sort of history together, though just what it might be is never revealed. As the two men jet off to break into Solaris’ hideout, it is here that Pasko goes a bit deeper into Kobra’s history and one has to wonder if the woman Kobra talks about is indeed Melissa despite her name being Natalie in his story. It is a tale of how a young Kobra managed to escape the cult he now leads after falling in love with a woman. She had secrets though and then something happened which would lead Kobra back to the cult where he would eventually take it over and lead it into the future. Pasko and artist Keith Giffen up the ante and the action for the second half of the book as the twins break into the compound where Solaris is hiding his deathray and while Burr has agreed to do as such, the feelings he feels for his brother are all too real, the way brothers should feel about each other which is love and yet, he finally realizes exactly what Kobra is after seeing it with his own two eyes. Burr always knew but a part of him refused to accept it and now, after seeing the death of Solaris at the hands of Kobra, he wants nothing to do with the man and refuses to let the villain get his hands on the deathray, no matter what. This was a fun issue overall with Pasko moving the story along nicely, specifically that of the relationship between the two men while Giffen who comes on board as penciller for this book does a great job at making it as exciting as possible. Where it goes from here should be interesting indeed.

3.5 out of 5

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