Issue by Issue – Rima the Jungle Girl #7

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artists – Nestor Redondo, Noly Zamora

In this final issue, Robert Kanigher tells another short tale starring the titular character and it manages to be quite the decent little story until the ending which seemed to be slightly rushed. It all begins when a child is being attacked by a bear, or so it would seem at least until Abel kills it much to the disappointment of Rima who knows that something was out of place. That is just the first moment where Abel starts to act funny with Rima, especially given how obsessed and in love, he was with her during the first few issues of the book. They meet the boy’s mother which drives Rima away though she is not too far off as she senses there is some sort of danger in the jungle that remains. As it turns out, that danger is the boy himself. Maybe he never got enough attention or perhaps he is just an evil little child who likes to hurt animals, but it continues until he gets what is coming to him and all of this while Abel questions Rima’s actions and such, something very out of character for the man. While this story was interesting and adeptly drawn by the great Nestor Redondo, it felt a little out of sorts, much like the lead feature in the previous issue. Making it even more strange was the way Abel acted throughout the whole tale and while overall it was entertaining, it simply did not feel true to the spirit of those earlier stories. The book is then rounded out by another debuting serial entitled Space Marshall. This bit is also written by Kanigher and drawn by Noly Zamora and it is a promising start to a new science-fiction character that might have gone places had this not been the final issue of the book. The story finds the lead character accidentally kill a man, voluntarily turn himself in and then go through rehabilitation in order to turn his life around and become a space marshall, much like the title implied. The artwork is great, Zamora impressing the reader with the pages allotted and it is a little sad to think that the tale of this lawman would not continue despite its strong start. Overall, the book was a good one that started out great and ended less than that. It is a little disappointing that the quality of the stories did not equal those that first began in the book but it is even more disappointing that it was cancelled overall.

3.5 out of 5

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