Issue by Issue – Kobra #2

Writer – Martin Pasko
Artist – Chic Stone
Inker – Pablo Marcos
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Ben Oda

The saga of two Siamese twins separated at birth who grew up to lead completely different lives continues here and it begins much like the previous issue with Kobra trying to kill Jason Burr – his brother. Thankfully, this battle ends up being just a dream that the two men are sharing but it does lead to the question of their shared experiences. They already believe that if one is killed, so too will the other and now that they are sharing subconscious experiences, that bond is only deepening. Kobra for one, is worried and he knows that he can no longer go after Burr if he wants to live, but there is one thing he can do and that is lock Jason in a depravation cell so that nothing and no one can harm him. Martin Pasko and Chic Stone do not focus singly upon the two brothers though, they bring in a villain named Solaris who has created a deathray of sorts called the Heliotron and it is one that Kobra wants, for obvious purposes of course. That being said, The cops are looking to put a stop to Kobra and they have gotten wind of his plan to get this deathray, though just where it is they are receiving all these tips and hints has not yet been shown and as such, there must be a mole in Kobra’s organization, one would surely guess. As it is, the cops, more specifically the one named Perez who got him into all of this mess have come knocking upon his door to help them out, what with his close personal ties to Kobra. Burr is more than hesitant but he is given a type of super-suit that should help him out and keep him from dying, so at least there is that. Pasko writes a fun tale, though he does tread over familiar ground that was established in the first issue and while every book is somebody’s first, he reiterates just a bit too much. That being said, once the action gets going it hardly stops and the book is well-paced because of it and more than a little fun. Coming on board to tackle the artistic duties is Stone and Pablo Marcos and it looks great, a far different look than Kirby obviously but just as good and just as effective. Overall, things played out well though Kobra and Jason have managed to get themselves into a bit of a situation leaving things on a cliffhanger.

3.5 out of 5

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