Issue by Issue – Rima the Jungle Girl #6

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Nestor Redondo, Ric Estrada

Deep in the jungle, Abel has become a tour guide and those whom he has agreed to show around want to hunt. The object of their desire is a white jaguar, fabled to live in the area though Abel denies it and in addition to that, they also want to find Rima, a wild woman who lives in the forest and talks to the animals. Abel swears up and down that they do not exist and that he was not paid to take the men on a hunt, he is simply there to take them up the mountain and yet, because she probably does not know any better or simply does not care, Rima leads the white jaguar right in front of the men, leading it away so that she might hide it until its mate bears their cubs. All of this ends up with Abel getting beaten down by those in his charge and tied up in order to draw Rima and the big cat out which ends up working. In the end, there is a bit of tragedy but Abel and Rima live to see the birth of those they were trying so hard to protect. Unlike the previous stories starring Rima in this book, this one was somewhat uneven in nature, Robert Kanigher perhaps rushing things and unable to tell as thorough a tale as he might like in the confines of the few pages he was allotted. Be that as it may, Nestor Redondo’s artwork managed to save it by being as beautiful as ever, the book looking better than it has any right to be. Following all of this is a second story by Kanigher once more along with artist Ric Estrada who tells a tale of a doctor, mad as a hatter and a Nazi to top it all off. He works in a prison camp and every day, without fail, he is out there every day with all of the new arrivals, picking out those who will end up as his next experiments. It is chilling stuff, disturbing even and it is thankful that Estrada does not show more than he does. As it is, the doctor is called away from the camp to aid those on the frontlines in Africa, men needing facial reconstruction due to attacks by their enemies and yet he never makes it, his plane crashing. He is soon met by some of the natives and to say he gets his just rewards is putting it lightly as he deserved far worse. This too was a decent little tale of war and of horror and while it entertained, it also made the reader think as people like that actually existed and did the things that were portrayed in this book. A startling reminder of the horrors of war or at the very least, one war in particular.

3.5 out of 5

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