Issue by Issue – Superior Iron Man #3

Writer – Tom Taylor
Artist – Yildiray Cinar
Inker – Ruy Jose, Juan Velasco
Colours – Guru-eFX
Letters – Clayton Cowles

Ever since the inversion spell cast during the AXIS event, Tony Stark has become a far more fascinating character than he was previously. Much of him still remains the same – his ego, his drive, his sarcastic brand of humour – but thanks to Tom Taylor, everything has been taken up a notch and to top it all off, he is drinking again which was never one of his strong suits. So when Tony Stark thinks he is doing well, it is what is good for him and not necessarily anyone else. Two examples of that would be the introduction of the mass-market version of Extremis and giving Daredevil back his sight. The first will make Tony rich and the second he hopes will get Matt Murdock off his back as he falls all over himself in gratitude. The problem is that Matt never asked for it and if he had wanted his sight back he would have done just that. So, to say there is a bone of contention resting between the two men is putting it lightly. Not only has Taylor made Tony Stark one of the most interesting people in the Marvel Universe during this period of Marvel’s history, he has also made him one of the most entertaining. Sure, not everything he does is for the benefit of mankind, in fact, it rarely is anymore when it comes to his motivations and actions but watching him be more ‘Tony’ than he ever was is extremely enjoyable. Having Daredevil be one of the main guest stars early on in the series was a smart move as the two men are diametrically opposed at the moment and it is amusing to see them play off of each other. One does have to wonder just what it is that Daredevil will do when it comes to Tony though, for at some point, something will have to be done. With the added mystery of what Pepper is doing with that other ‘Iron Man,’ as well as some strong writing by Taylor and artwork by Yildiray Cinar, the book has been off to quite a strong start and one of the better things to come out of AXIS.

4 out of 5

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