Issue by Issue – Kobra #1

Writer – Martin Pasko
Artists – Jack Kirby, Pablo Marcos
Inker – D. Bruce Berry, Pablo Marcos
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Ben Oda

This book is the story of two men, one named Jason Burr and one named Kobra, siamese twins separated at birth. Each man walks a separate path in life but those paths are soon to cross as Kobra looks to kill Jason Burr, brother or not. While it is not explicitly stated why Kobra wants to kill Kobra, he hires an assassin to do so though it does not exactly work out leaving Kobra to do it by his own hand, or at least that of the alien robot he now controls. While this goes on, Burr is being recruited by the police as they have learned about his hidden connections with Kobra, which is more than he himself knows. He had thought his brother had died in the hospital soon after birth, having no idea that Kobra had been kidnapped and raised by a secret cult as their leader. It is also not long before both men learn of their shared bond, that should one get injured, so too will the other. It is something that both men have experienced over their lives but never realized until this moment in time and Kobra surmises that if Jason Burr should die, then so too might he and so calls off his killer robot as it could end up proving final to him as well. This was a fun book, the pencils by Jack Kirby and Pablo Marcos being quite exciting at times though it is a little sad that this would be the only issue that Kirby would illustrate in the series, going back to Marvel before this book would ever see print. Also quite interesting is the fact that Martin Pasko would re-write the entire story or most of it at least from what was originally going to be used. One has to wonder how Kirby’s original script would have differed from this one, just what direction he would have taken the title had he stayed at DC to see it all through. As it is, Pasko does a fine job with the script and story, introducing the two men, and delving into their origin in order to get that out of the way before moving on to what will hopefully be a very exciting series as these two brothers try to find their way in the world, thinking each other an enemy instead of family. Good stuff all around.

3.5 out of 5

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