Issue by Issue – Rima the Jungle Girl #5

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Nestor Redondo, Alex Niño

The fifth issue of this book finds Nestor Redondo laying down the most beautiful pages for author Robert Kanigher which in itself makes it worth picking up, never mind the story. If there is one constant in this title, it is that it always looks good, better than good even. As far as the story goes, Kanigher has Rima and Abel living together in the forest, everything almost like a dream if one of them were to explain it but things soon become quite real when Rima finds a body encased in ice in the river. It is the strangest of occurrences and the two of them know that there is some sort of evil taking place in the jungle and the two of them decide that they have to check it out no matter what it might bring them. Suffice it to say, nefarious doings are afoot and when they find out what it is, Abel gets himself captured. Knowing that he is sure to die if she does nothing, Rima steps in and the whole affair ends with the bad guys getting their comeupance while Rima and Abel move on to whatever their next adventure might be. When it comes to the backup feature which once again features The Space Voyagers by Kanigher and Alex Niño, it to looks just as pretty as the lead story, never once having faltered in the artwork department since the beginning of this title. The stories have been pretty good as well, consisting of short, concise little science-fiction adventures of which this one happens to be as well. Here, the astronauts land on a planet inhabited by giant ants that also happen to have a bit of intelligence. Being who they are, the ants think of them as food and begin to chase them down and it is only with a bit of quick thinking that they manage to stop their pursuers and make their escape. With two stories in every book and with both of them being so different from one another, it makes for a great reading experience. The lead feature is usually the more serious of the two while the second is always a great bit of fun that sees the Space Voyagers usually outclassed but never outsmarted. With a great creative team on both ends, each serial entertains and always makes readers yearn for more. As far as this issue goes, the individual stories did their jobs well and while they always seem on the shorter side which is the only negative to be found, they usually have a beginning, a middle and an end, telling a whole tale more often than not. Great stuff!

4 out of 5

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