Four Colour Thoughts – Hellcat #1 (2023)

The Creators – Christopher Cantwell – Writer, Alex Lins – Artist, KJ Diaz – Colours, Ariana Maher – Letters

The Players – Hellcat (Patsy Walker), Hedy Wolfe, Spalding Grantham, Rick Sheridan (Sleepwalker)

The Story – The police think Hellcat has killed a man. Patsy knows she did not. Now she just has to prove it.

The Take – Once again, Patsy Walker, the erstwhile Hellcat, has found a new series for herself and it is good to see her on the stands once again. In this first issue, it begins with a murder and a mystery. Patsy’s current beau, one Spalding Grantham, has been killed – turned inside out and rearranged in a pretty gruesome manner. Having been found at the scene, the cops think it was Hellcat who committed the crime and despite being out-of-sorts, Patsy knows that she was not the perpetrator. Written by Christopher Cantwell who has more than a passing familiarity with Patsy Walker thanks to his stint on Iron Man in which she played no small part, the man does a great job at capturing just who she is, from her past to her more current travails. As it is, Patsy is not having the greatest time in her life, though it is better than being in Hell – anything is better than being in Hell. She lives back home with her mom, not the sort of thing she ever wanted to do again, with her mom being a literal ghost, her relationship with Hedy being rocky at best, though when was it ever the best and the new man in her life no longer counting himself among the living. After making bail, she does a little investigating and discovers a supernatural badge of sorts, one to whom she knows it belongs and that would be the one and only Rick Sheridan, better known as Sleepwalker – or at least his other half. Cantwell weaves a good little mystery and one has to wonder if it was indeed Sleepwalker who committed this crime or another and given that it looks like somebody is messing with Patsy’s telepathic abilities, it is most likely them. Taking on the artistic duties for this series is Alex Lins and the man has both a distinct style and one that grabs the reader immediately. It feels electric right from the start and it moves the story along at a good pace, not too fast nor too slow making for a great read. Though this feels like it might be more of a miniseries than an ongoing one, it is hopeful that it is the latter as Patsy Walker and her alter-ego always tend to have great adventures. If this first issue is anything to go by, the rest of the series should be a wonderful read.

Worth It? – Yes.

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