Issue by Issue – Oz: Daemonstorm (#18.5)

Writers – Stuart Kerr, Ralph Griffith
Artist – Tim Holtrop
Inker – William Traxtle
Letters – Susan Dorne

At one point, Caliber decided that they would do a big crossover series much like Marvel and DC did, the most interesting thing about it being that it was an independent publisher and one usually did not see these types of things from independent publishers. It was all in black and white and it would cross over into titles that one would not think would have anything in common – which they did not and yet, it would work out in the end as each title would be treated as if they were their own world which was a smart way to go about it. So it is that the Dameonstorm hits Oz in an issue often referred to as 18.5 due to the fact that it takes place right after the events from issue eighteen and before issue nineteen. The book finds Jinjur, Jack Pumpkinhead, Lion and Scraps settling down for the day after having been greeted quite rudely by the Quadlings and when Jack goes off to find himself a new pumpkin to replace his arrow-pierced head, the remaining members of the party meet Cassian, last of the Stormwalkers and Kiri, first and last born of the storm. Things get off to a rocky start but settle down when Scraps intervenes and makes everyone talk it out. That does not last for long though as Jack comes back with his new head and it is possessed by a Daemon. Cassian is eager to dispatch the demon before it can open a gate and bring the rest of its brethren through but everyone else is a little hesitant for Jack is their friend and Cassian is an outsider despite him sounding sincere. Suffice it to say, they do not have to wait long to figure out the truth of it as Jack attacks them all and he is far more powerful at the moment, most likely due to the Daemon, as he gets the better of many of them. While most might think it skill and determination that finally brings down the villain, it was probably luck in the end as the Daemon is defeated and Jack lies dead at their feet. With their work seemingly done, Cassian and Kiri bid farewell to the residents of Oz and depart on their quest to thwart the Dameons wherever they are while those left behind mourn their fallen comrade. As it is, Stuart Kerr and Ralph Griffith do not let it lie there, as Jack is not truly dead and all becomes right in the end. Illustrated by Tim Holtrop, the book manages to not only read well but look great too and one has to give credit to the creators of this tale as they wove in the intercompany crossover quite masterfully without having it disturb any ongoing storylines and in fact, fit right in quite seamlessly. Whether it gets referenced ever again is one thing but at least it was not one of those types of stories that felt shoehorned in. All around, this was another solid chapter in the Oz saga and a nice little aside from the current stories being told.

4 out of 5

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