Issue by Issue – Rima the Jungle Girl #4

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Nestor Redondo, Alex Niño

Abel is wondering when he will see Rima next when he finds himself surrounded by the Malagar, enemies of the tribe he recently stayed with. Later, as he realizes that he may not have very much time upon the Earth left he will say anything that his captors want to hear if it means surviving and that includes the fact that Rima is gone. While the Malagar already believe her to be dead, they need to make sure and so the next day they take Abel and travel to her part of the forest and it is there that Abel escapes. Eventually, he makes it to Nuflo’s hut though not before killing one of the Malagar that was hunting him down and there, in the place that he called home, Abel finds Nuflo and his dogs dead. It immediately worries him that Rima is dead as well and so he makes his way out to her tree, that giant of the forest and finds it burned out and his heart sinks. Robert Kanigher and Nestor Redondo paint a sad portrait and one cannot help but feel bad for Abel as he had finally come to know love, no matter how strange it might have come about. As it is, Abel swears vengeance and so gathers his friends from the other tribe and they strike during the night and kill the Malagars off to a man. It is grim and dirty business and it does not make him feel better whatsoever. As the story closes, Abel is burying poor Nuflo and his dogs and it is then that Rima returns and all is right with the world again. At least for the moment. In a second tale by Robert Kanigher and Alex Niño starring The Space Voyagers, it finds the crew once more heading through space and when landing on a planet, they find that there are a couple of statues that look just like them. It is a strange turn of events and soon they are confronted by the residents of the planet, people who also look just like them. As it turns out, Kanigher takes a slight turn into the realm of horror as the inhabitants of this planet reveal that they were betrayed in the past by those who looked just like the newly arrived astronauts and for fear of forgetting their vengeance, they took the forms of those who hurt them. Now, the aliens look to exact that vengeance and those who are newly arrived must fend for their lives. Once again, two great stories from Robert Kanigher and both of them being illustrated by two of the best talents to ever enter the business that keeps readers wanting more by the time the book ends.

4 out of 5

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