Issue by Issue – Rima the Jungle Girl #3

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Nestor Redondo, Alex Niño

Rima, Abel and Nuflo are heading out of the jungle to the place where Rima’s mother once lived, a place called Riolama. For Rima and Abel, it is a journey into the unknown and for Nuflo, it is where danger and tragedy live and it is a place he does not wish to return to. Suffice it to say, if the two men wish to have anything to do with Rima, they must follow for she is not planning on stopping until they reach their destination. It is here that Robert Kanigher takes readers on a trip into the past as Nuflo relates how he and Rima came to be in the jungle. It seems that once upon a time he was not a very nice man but soon came to realize the error of his ways. He is also a scared man and though he does not share in what his fellow soldiers do, he cannot break away from them for fear of what they might do to him. All of this leads to a moment when the men find themselves in Riolama in a cave to hide from the elements and in that cave is a very strange, very beautiful woman. The men aside from Nuflo have some very dark thoughts on what to do with her and as they chase after her into the rain, they meet their fates in a most permanent fashion. Nuflo finds them, finds the girl, tries to take care of her as best he can, discovers she is pregnant and soon comes to find himself both an unwitting father through this time and then a grandfather after that. The woman dies but the child is just as strange as she and he takes her to the jungle in order that she never come to harm. It is a very captivating story and made even more so by the incredible artwork of Nestor Redondo who makes every page a thing of beauty. This is all followed up by another story of The Space Voyagers by Kanigher and Alex Niño which seems to take place in the past, previous to the last story that was featured in the title. Here, it finds the Voyagers breaking away from the rest of those on Earth to set a course of their own out among the stars. It then sees a new group of adventurers years later who want to break away much like their forbears and so they do just that and as they seek their way amongst the stars, they answer a distress call for help. What makes this story incredibly interesting is the fact that the aliens are quite alien and that their planet and atmosphere are not as hospitable as humans are used to. With gorgeous artwork from all involved and two great stories that capture the imagination, this book can seemingly do no wrong.

4 out of 5

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