Issue by Issue – Legendary Star-Lord #12

Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Andrea Sorrentino
Colours – David Curiel, Marcelo Maiolo
Letters – Joe Caramagna

Star-Lord’s title comes to a close and he is not even in the issue, but that does not mean Sam Humphries does not have a story to tell for in this book readers find his sister Victoria on a mission of her own. Victoria has gone to see the Collector because he has something that she wants, namely her father, J’son of Spartax, still encased in amber from the events of The Black Vortex. But the Collector does not give up his possessions lightly, if ever. Luckily, Victoria has something up her sleeve so to speak to make him do so and something up her sleeve when she leaves as well. Humphries caps off his run with another very enjoyable issue that is a little light on the laughs but gives his audience some insight into what makes Victoria tick, especially as the Collector takes readers on a trip through her past. The Collector has always been a fascinating villain, for that is what he is most of the time, and here while he is not so much a bad guy, he is villainous in his motivations. What is readily apparent by the end of the book is that Victoria is definitely her father’s daughter and it shows through and through. The book does leave some doors wide open, such as what will happen with J’son, with Victoria and with the Kree Empire and after all that has happened with this title, readers would not have it any other way. While it would have been nice to have Star-Lord put in an appearance in the book, because it is his book, this issue gave everyone something a little different and was a welcome change from the usual. All in all, a really fun title that should have lasted much longer than it did and one of the best to ever feature the character.

4 out of 5

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