Issue by Issue – Rima the Jungle Girl #2

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Nestor Redondo, Alex Niño

The book begins where the last left off and Abel, who is recuperating from a snake bite, believes it all to be a dream. How could it be real? A woman who seemingly speaks in birdsong, who is protected by the animals of the forest and is like a spirit herself. Abel cannot fathom it and yet as he stumbles out into the woods and finds himself before her once again, he realizes that somehow it was real and that she is in fact flesh and blood. More surprising is the fact that she speaks and he learns of her past, of her childhood and how she grew up in the forest with her grandfather. As he would often keep to himself, Rima would spend time with the beasts of the jungles – the birds and the reptiles, the giant cats and the crocodiles and everything in between. It is a fascinating story and yet there is a moment when Abel decides to leave. That in itself was a mistake and once more, Abel enters the forbidden part of the jungle so that he might find Rima, spend time with her and after all of that, she then drops a bombshell on both him and her grandfather. Rima wants to see where her grandfather and her parents came from, she wants to go to the city. Readers can see that this is already a bad idea and not only that, it will change the direction of the book by taking the jungle girl out of the jungle. So far, Robert Kaniger and Nestor Redondo, despite only being two issues in, have done no wrong and with this ending, one can only wait and see what happens in the next issue. With a captivating story and some great artwork, the tale of Rima is one worth reading. That being said, there is another story in this book, the concluding part of that which started in the previous issue starring the Space Voyagers. As it turns out, everything that happened in the first part of the tale was an illusion caused by a brain-like creature that needs them to fix its machines. It has been testing the humans using fear and it believes them receptive to its thoughts. At first, it looks like the brain might enslave them to their dying day but it makes one grave mistake and that proves to be its undoing. This was a decent bit of science fiction and as short as it was, it proved to be an enjoyable diversion. The lead feature starring Rima is still what makes readers tune in but these secondary stories are good as well.

3.5 out of 5

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