Worlds Collide – Chapter Twenty-One: Warrior Nun Areala and Glory

The Cast: Warrior Nun Areala, Glory, Father Gomez, Gorath, Father Goth, Demon Spawn, Deathelf, Hellbud

The Catalyst: Rod McLarson is looking for fame at any cost and that involves a demon named Gorath.

The Convergence: For some strange reason, Sister Shannon and the goddess named Glory have decided to attend a comicon and it turns out to be a good thing as Demon Spawn attacks.

The Critique: While this book will never make it to the top of the heap when it comes to intercompany crossovers, it nevertheless manages to be a fun time as Dunn pokes fun at a plethora of things throughout. Whether it be the lead antagonist named Rod McLarson, a mashup of Todd McFarlane and Eric Larson, the demon named Gorath who looks exactly like Violater, Rod’s transformation into Demon Spawn (Spawn) or any number of jabs he takes at fandom and other characters and companies within, it makes the book less silly and more a scavenger hunt to see if one can pick up all that the man is laying down. As for Areala and Glory, they manage to shine for a bit, the former attending the con as a guardian and the latter as a guest. They end up teaming together in order to beat Demon Spawn and the other lackeys that serve him as well as the demon Gorath who gave Rod McLarson his powers. Fame it seems or was it fortune he was after, will elude him the rest of his days now as whatever Gorath did and what it took to rid him of it will forever have left its mark. Dunn does a great job with the story, throwing in some humour here and there, a little satire and of course, a bit of ribbing toward his fellow collaborators. It is all in jest of course and manages to make what could have been a more serious affair a little lighter in tone. The artwork is what one might expect from Dunn, though there are moments where he does add a fair amount of detail to his usually colourful pencils. Though it might have been nice to see a grittier take and tale starring these two heroes, this managed to work. It was not the greatest crossover one will ever read but it was good enough and provided a fair amount of entertainment. Harmless, enjoyable fun.

The Credits: Ben Dunn – Writer and Artist, Pat Duke and Pat Thornton – Colours

Companies Involved: Antarctic Press, Awesome Entertainment

Chronology: September 1997

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