Issue by Issue – Oz: Straw and Sorcery #3

Writer – Stuart Kerr, Ralph Griffith
Artist – Bill Bryan
Letters – Susan Dorne

The final issue of this series continues to feature the Scarecrow speaking nonsensical musings, though Amber Ombi and readers alike have to wonder if they are indeed as ridiculous as they seem. While he does all of this, Scarecrow also distracts from the fact that he has been trying to escape and does just that, eventually breaking free of his chains and his captors. What makes this a little more intriguing is the fact that in a previous issue, Scraps had stated that beings like her could not be successfully tied up as they were able to shift their mass in different ways making the act of tying up all but moot. While the Freedom Fighters are a little shocked at the escape, they had to know that they would not be able to hold him for long, that the Munchkins or Mombi or whoever would come for him or he would somehow, someway getaway at some point. Stuart Kerr and Ralph Griffith also tie things up with Scraps, at least to a point as the Patchwork Girl is on the mend after her tussle with Mombi, though what comes next for the Scarecrow’s one-time love remains to be seen. There is also one further sequence in the book which is kind of strange and it stars Hungry Tiger and the nameless Flying Monkey as they search for Lion. There was nothing that alluded to it in the previous miniseries nor in the last two issues of this one and seeing it here is slightly boggling, to say the least. It was good, there is no doubt about that as the authors of this tale including artist Bill Bryan have been doing a great job with all of it but it was almost as if they needed something to fill the book and so why not this? Here they face off against a couple of Kalidahs as they seek their quarry and while they ultimately win, they come up short when it comes to Lion. There is also the unanswered question about Stitch – as in where is he and what is he going to do if anything whatsoever. It would be nice to see him become a player at some point but as of now, he’s simply sitting at home, doing nothing. Overall this series was great as was the last one but there are more things that need answering than there are questions that were asked. How does Wonderland play into everything and will that be addressed in the main book or will it just be a plot point to be forgotten by the wayside? This was all really good stuff that hopefully leads to more.

4 out of 5

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