One and Done – Kid Colt One-Shot #1

Tom DeFalco – Writer
Rick Burchett – Artist
Allen Passalaqua – Colours
Jared K. Fletcher – Letters

Originally debuting as a webcomic, this one-shot starring Kid Colt finds the hero on the run from the law, though he is not exactly running per se. The Kid is just living his life, one day at a time like everyone else around him but even so, there is a price on his head and some people are going to try and collect on it. Eventually, he does end up running with a man named Hawk at his side and they find themselves in many a gun battle, usually on the defensive but always coming out on top thanks to the skill of the young man whose real name is Blaine Cole. All of it comes to a head when Colt and Hawk are surrounded by a gunman named Wilkes and his posse and just as they are asked to surrender, they face an even greater threat which brings them together, at least for the time being. This was a fun book, one that would see Colt painted as a younger man, somewhere around seventeen years old – completely in line with the moniker ‘Kid’ and it is good to see artist Rick Burchett draw him as such. Even so, this younger Kid Colt is just as talented as he would be in his later years and when all is said and done, there is no doubt that he would come out the other side of this adventure as the victor, though of course, still a wanted man. Tom DeFalco does a great job with this four-part story, balancing the drama amidst the action and even taking the time to go into the Kid’s origin for a brief moment, reminding readers of what makes the man tick. DeFalco has a solid grasp of what makes this character work and it is a bit of a shame that this single issue did not jumpstart an ongoing series or at the very least, a miniseries starring Kid Colt who surely deserves to be back on the stands for more than just a blip every decade or so. If there was any fault in this book at all, it would be simply that – that it was not long enough and that there was nothing that would follow in its wake. Western comics might not be all the rage but they do have an audience and given the right creators, they could be just as entertaining as anything else on the stands currently being published. As it is, this was a very entertaining read and one worth seeking out for those who find themselves a fan of the genre or of Kid Colt.

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  1. Agreed, I owned this at one point and it would be worth seeking out again. I really miss the traditional western where there didn’t need to be a supernatural aspect. Excellent review.

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