Issue by Issue – Oz: Romance in Rags #3

Writer – Stuart Kerr, Ralph Griffith
Artist – Bill Bryan
Letters – Susan Dorne

The final issue of this miniseries is filled with betrayal and emotion and it finds the Freedom Fighters captured by the Scarecrow after his grand plans are revealed to them. They are strung up among the corn stalks like scarecrows themselves, though bound far more tightly so as to make escape impossible. Jack Pumpkinhead has had his head removed from his body and bound separately so that even he is unable to do anything. There comes a moment when Amber Ombi is about ready to give up as there is literally nothing they can except hope and pray that Scraps has not betrayed them completely, that she will come to her senses and free them, though as time passes, that is looking more and more unlikely. Speaking of Scraps, she is listening to everything that the Scarecrow has planned, of his desire to make her his queen, of the children they will have, of the army he will raise and she realizes that even though he swears that he loves her, he is a madman and not the same man that she fell in love with. He is the Nome King’s pawn and even if she tried to use the Love Magnet, it may not work which may just endanger them all even further. So it is that she does indeed free the Freedom Fighters and they are most thankful but it is not to last as the Munchkins under the command of the Scarecrow attack them in force and it is nearly overwhelming there are so many. They are barely able to hold their own until Jack Pumpkinhead is finally back to his old self and able to control the fauna around them, tangling up the Munchkins so that they cannot do much at all. Soon they retreat but they are one person short as Scraps has been captured and returned to the Scarecrow. While he is angry about the Freedom Fighters, he is more so over the betrayal he feels at the hands of the woman he loves and for that, he swears that whatever was still alive in his heart will now be shut off forever and always no matter who stands before him. As for the Patchwork Girl, she is carted off to a fate she knows not but it cannot be good. Ralph Griffith, Stuart Kerr and Bill Bryan do an excellent job at wrapping up this short little series, looking back at a time when the Scarecrow was still evil and to a few players who are no longer among the Freedom Fighters though their ultimate fates have not yet been revealed. Altogether, this was a most excellent book and a great series overall which in turn is followed by another thankfully as there are some things left open which are in need of closing.

4.5 out of 5

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