Issue by Issue – The Lone Ranger and Tonto #3

Writer – Joe R. Lansdale
Artist – Timothy W. Truman
Inker – Rick Magyar
Colours – Sam Parsons
Letters – Brad K. Joyce

This is the issue where Joe R. Lansdale and Timothy W. Truman finally get down to the nitty-gritty, where the truth is revealed, the Lone Ranger’s deepest, darkest secret and the reason why he and Tonto are no longer friends and partners. As seen in the first issue, there was something that was so bad that Tonto swore off the Lone Ranger and from then on the book has taken a look back at what brought them to that moment. It is here in this third issue that the Lone Ranger gets down to it and it has to do with Captain Barrett. Once upon a time, before he was the Lone Ranger, John Reid was just a man of the law looking to do his job. With reports of stolen animals, he had gone to investigate and discovered a small band of Potawatomis who he surmised had wandered too far south. They were starving and so killed what they needed to live and Reid could find no wrong in that. Informing the local sheriff of the situation and leaving it in his hands, Reid went on to hunt down the criminal named Cavendish and later learned that Barrett had killed the band of Potawatomis, offering Reid a scalp as proof. All of this took place just before Reid would become the Lone Ranger, right before as a matter of fact and it is then that John Reid would officially die thanks to the help of Tonto and the Lone Ranger would be born. It is during the telling of this tale that Tonto realizes what happened to his family and his sister in particular. Readers have to wonder if this is truly the last of the Lone Ranger and Tonto as a team, not to mention friends for while Reid was not responsible for what happened, maybe he could have handled the entire situation differently. As for the rest of the book, the Lone Ranger begins to track down Barrett, finds the missing treasure and gets in contact with someone who might be able to help. Truman knows how to paint a portrait of horror and he does so in this issue with those scenes involving the Aztec monster and it is also here that Lansdale reveals the creature’s origin to make for a very compelling read on top of all the drama that is soon to follow. With one issue to go, there is a lot to accomplish and while it might seem impossible at the moment, Lansdale and Truman are sure to please fans no matter the hill they have to climb.

4 out of 5

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