Four Colour Thoughts – Green Hornet: One Night in Bangkok

The Creators – Shannon Eric Denton – Writer, Jethro Morales – Artist, Jorge Sutil – Colours, Taylor Esposito – Letters

The Players – Green Hornet, Snake, Kato

The Story – A man seeks revenge for sins of the past and he has the Green Hornet in his sights.

The Take – For fans of the Green Hornet, Shannon Denton and Jethro Morales tell a fun story and take the Green Hornet to the limit with his latest foe, a man named Snake who is looking to even the scales as it was the Green Hornet who put his father in prison where he ultimately died. To that effect, he has trained for years in all manner of killing and warfare and now, in Century City where the Green Hornet resides, he looks to exact what he feels he is owed. For his part, the Green Hornet has been getting a little lax, both in his dealings with the criminal underworld and with his training and seeing what is essentially going on outside his window, feels that in order to deal with Snake, it is time to get a little serious about things. All in all, there might have been nothing overly exceptional about this tale but it was a good one filled with action as well as quite possibly setting up future stories even though this one ended with a bit of finality. Morales does a solid job with the artwork and Denton, while painting everyone’s hero not as lazy per se, more resting on his laurels, redeems him by the end of the book. As it is, it would not be a bad thing if this one-shot should lead into an ongoing series, though given how few pulp books Dynamite publishes at the moment seems highly unlikely. It is nice though to see that they have not forgotten about the Hornet, nor Kato who finally shows up come the end of the book and should sales on this issue be decent enough, perhaps some of their other former properties could see the light of day again like The Spider or Miss Fury or even The Shadow should they regain the license.

Worth It? – Yes.

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