Four Colour Thoughts – Where Monsters Lie #1

The Creators – Kyle Starks – Writer, Piotr Kowalski – Artist, Vladimir Popov – Colours, Joshua Reed – Letters

The Players – Zel, Puzzleman, Franky & Pearl, Fuckmaster, Richard, Packrat, St. Julian, Daniel Dawson, Wyatt

The Story – In a small community filled with human monsters, one of them makes a dire mistake.

The Take – If one were to cross Postal with Nightbreed, the end result might look something like this, a completely fun and entertaining ride thanks to Kyle Starks and Piotr Kowalski who take the familiar and put their own spin on it. In the gated community of Wilmhurst, there lives a woman named Zel who has to admonish the other members from getting out of hand and bringing their ‘work’ home with them. That work would be the act of murder, though other crimes including kidnapping and torture and the like would be included in that, and the culprit would be Puzzleman, a serial killer who likes to build murderous puzzles for his victims, ala Jigsaw. Calling a meeting, Zel lectures the other members about what happens within and without the community, all of them based upon other famous monsters like Michael Myers, Jason, Leatherface, Captain Spaulding and so forth. It is an interesting read and it is also quite humourous at times, as dark as it is, seeing this little old lady try to treat these killers as if they were a bunch of school children. As for the mistake, that would be Puzzleman letting one of his prisoners escape who would then run to the cops and tell them everything that he knew, including the identities of some of those that he saw, criminals wanted by the police who have been on the loose for quite some time. Though it is kind of funny at times, it is a book packed with horror and just because that horror is not explicitly shown aside from the first few murders on the first couple of pages, one can imagine what each of these creatures is capable of simply by the way they look. If one were to ever judge a book by its cover accurately, one would do so when looking at this band of misfits. The artwork by Kowalski is perfectly suited for this tale of terror and given the ending of this first book, one hopes that things are going to pick up exponentially though where it will exactly head is a mystery at the moment but one can guess that it will be pretty bloody. A truly fun cast of characters and a great premise make this first issue worth the buy.

Worth It? – Yes.

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