Issue by Issue – Legendary Star-Lord #7

Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Freddie Williams II
Colours – David Curiel
Letters – Joe Caramagna

So, it was revealed last issue that Star-Lord’s dad is actually Mister Knife, the bad guy that has been giving our hero grief ever since the first issue. In related news, Peter now finds himself locked up in prison as well and about to be brainwashed by his dear old dad, that is until Kitty Pryde decides to break him out and save the day. This book has everything in it from comedy to drama to action and whatever else Sam Humphries is able to throw in and it turns out to be a truly fun ride. Kitty and Peter make a great couple and is one of the smartest things that Brian Michael Bendis and Humphries have done with the characters. The two have great chemistry and they seem to click on every subject with Kitty even braving her fear of space to go and rescue him which is saying a lot. That also leads into the great characterization that was present with this issue as readers see J’son becoming more and more unhinged, a little megalomaniacal one could say or at least more than he was and yet still in control of everything around him. Except for his son that is. It just so happens to be a sore point with the man as one might expect. With the Black Vortex crossover imminent at the time of this book’s publication, things look to be gearing up with this issue as readers see the reasoning behind finding the mirror, if that is all there is to it, and J’son’s plans for Spartax being made quite apparent. With every passing book, this title has been getting better and better and that is in no small part due to its creative team giving it a great mix of science-fiction action and humour that sets it apart from Marvel’s other action-humour titles like Iron Man, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and so on. All that is needed is for Peter to maybe take things seriously once in a while, whether it be the threats that face him or the relationship he has with Kitty otherwise he may just find himself on the losing end one of these days.

4 out of 5

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