Four Colour Thoughts – Archie vs the World #1

The Creators – Aubrey Sitterson – Writer, Jed Dougherty – Artist, Matt Herms and Doug Garbark – Colours, Jack Morelli – Letters

The Players – Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Betty, Veronica, Sabrina, Josie and the Pussycats, Cheryl Blossom, Hot Dog

The Story – In a post-apocalyptic world, people do what they must to survive including Archie Andrews.

The Take – Over the last number of years, Archie Comics has been releasing some very interesting projects, this one included. Combining the familiar faces of Riverdale with the wastelands of Mad Max and Fist of the North Star which many will immediately notice and for those that did not, it also happens to be mentioned in the epilogue, the book does a great job of blending them together to tell a short but entertaining tale. In fact, if there was one negative, it was that – it was too short. At only fourteen actual pages of story and art, it almost fails to justify the cost but thankfully those pages are a lot of fun and while the story is good, the artwork is a wonder to behold. It features all the greatness of Tetsuo Hara’s work but with a flair injected by the book’s artist Jed Dougherty that is all his own and each page is simply incredible. One could pour over them for the longest time, soaking in each line in every panel, the work is so good. As expected given the book’s setting, there is quite a bit of craziness going on as there are battles galore, between Archie and various other antagonists including Reggie who finally gets his in the end in an awesome display of power. There is a lot going on within these pages and Aubrey Sitterson packs these pages full with all those that people remember from the pages of Archie’s regualr cast though they are much changed aside from perhaps Jughead and Betty who seem to be as close to their recognizable selves as anyone. Even funnier is the fact that even here in this strange and crazy new land, Archie is still the center of attention for those of the opposite sex.  This is a big, bold, colourful, electric and beautiful book that is pleasing in every way aside from the simple fact that readers will want more of it and hopefully, at some future date, it can continue in some way, shape or form.

Worth It? – Yes.

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