Issue by Issue – Oz #11

Writers – Stuart Kerr, Ralph Griffith
Artist – Bill Bryan
Letters – Susan Dorne

The Nome King is just a little incensed that Ozma has escaped and he means to get to the bottom of the entire affair, with a little help from Mombi. Peter it seems, is not going to be in for a good time as two members of the Ladies Auxillary Bridage are escorting him to Mombi and whatever torture she has planned. Peter, of course, has other ideas, mainly not being tortured and so tries to make his escape and in part, manages to do so. Elsewhere, authors Ralph Griffith and Stuart Kerr have readers meet up with the united forces of the Freedom Fighters and those who used to be called the Evil Kings – Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man. Now with Ozma freed from the dungeons of the Nome King, they must decide what their next course of action is going to be and there are two opinions on the matter. The first involves rescuing Peter which Kevin is adamant they do. As Peter helped to free those under the Nome King’s spell, it is only fair play that they return the favour to which they agree. On the other hand, their ultimate goal of taking back the Emerald City and defeating the Nome King is another matter entirely as they do not have the forces, even with Ozma, to do so. For his part, Wogglebug comes up with an idea on how to possibly do both and that involves splitting up their forces once more, albeit just a little bit. His plan is to go with Ozma to all the corners of Oz and rally all the forces that lie there, those who have been waiting for her return and rally them to their cause and hope that there are enough of them that they become a force that can take on the Nome King and win. It is a good plan and so they put it into motion immediately. How the Freedom Fighters are going to get back into the castle still remains to be seen but they know what they have to do and are ready to do so. This book, much like the many before it, continues to deliver the goods in the best possible manner with Bill Bryan’s artwork really driving home the events that take place. A surprising scene involves Peter confronting who he believes to be the ensorceled Glinda and who in fact turns out to be Dorothy, now ten years older and once freed from the Nome King’s spell, is shocked at what has happened to her. Griffith and Kerr continue to pilot the ship in a steady direction, the goal always in sight but always seemingly forever out of reach. Now, as it finally gets closer they introduce yet another ripple that may throw it all off course, hooking the reader in even deeper. Great stuff!

4 out of 5

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