Issue by Issue – Legendary Star-Lord #6

Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Paco Medina
Inker – Juan Vlasco
Colours – David Curiel
Letters – Joe Caramagna

As of late, Star-Lord both onscreen and off has been known for his humour. He was a funny guy when he was written by Brian Michael Bendis over in Guardians of the Galaxy during his tenure and every writer since and he is quite hilarious here in this book as written by Sam Humphries. In fact, this issue has been the best one so far and the funniest too as Peter tries to go out on a date with Kitty, via hologram, while being continually attacked by The Slaughter Squad – as ridiculous as that sounds. It is the funniest thing to try and watch Peter balance a date amidst a battle, but somehow Humphries and Paco Medina make it work and are really quite genius. One thing that is missing from a lot of books during the time of this one’s publication and those that come out now is humour. Some can pull it off like Bendis or Dan Slott while others simply cannot no matter how hard they try and it is good to see Humphries doing such a fine job of it. The book contains not only humour though, but a lot of action and it melds perfectly with the story that Humphries is telling until that final cliffhanger which is a bit of a doozy and not one that was seen coming whatsoever. It was also great to see Kitty Pryde get a lot of face-time in the book as the title heads towards its crossover with the X-Men, of which this was a really good lead-in chapter to it. The Slaughter Squad is a good group of villains, not the best obviously but good enough to populate these pages at least for a little while and Peter is in desperate need of some bad guys of his own. How long they stick around is unknown but for the moment, at least until the Black Vortex, they make good cannon fodder for Star-Lord to deal with. As for Kitty, readers do have to wonder just how long she is going to put up with Peter’s shenanigans. How much will be too much and will she eventually join him in space or will he go back to Earth. Altogether, a solid issue and a very entertaining read.

4.5 out of 5

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