Four Colour Thoughts – Nemesis: Reloaded #1

The Creators – Mark Millar – Writer, Jorge Jiménez – Artist, Giovanna Niro – Colours, Clem Robins – Letters

The Players – Nemesis

The Story – In seven days, something terrible is about to happen. That does not mean that bad things are not happening right now.

The Take – After many years of sitting on the shelf, Mark Millar has released the first chapter in a new saga starring the villain called Nemesis, finally deciding to continue onwards with it but doing so with a soft reboot as his introduction states. After being away so long, it was probably the best way to go so as to introduce this character and his world to a new audience while reminding those that bought the first series what Nemesis is all about. This is not a story of a hero nor does it feature any. It is the tale of a bad guy doing bad guy things and there is no forgiveness in these pages. Nemesis is cold and cruel and has no compunction about doing the worst things one could imagine, having been trained at the feet of killers and mobsters and con men since the age of ten. There is a lot of carnage in this issue and for those that love a fast-paced, no holds barred type of story, this one should please quite easily. There is not a lot of characterization present but then there is not a lot needed to know that Nemesis is a psychopath, though one that is well-learned, one that knows how to both plan long-term and think on his feet. He is ruthless and by the end of the book, while one does not know what his ultimate plan is, it does involve the murdering of a lot of people, many of them innocent. Where the first series was drawn by Steve McNiven, this one is beautifully illustrated by Jorge Jiménez with some of the best pencils seen on any title currently being published. He and Millar craft an electric tale and while little is given away, the non-stop action, despite making for a quick read, makes for a good one. Millar and Jiménez leave it on a cliffhanger of sorts, one that promises even more action, more death and the mystery of the unknown. Whether Nemesis’ ultimate goal is revealed in the next issue or further on, this title, much like an action movie, keeps the reader in their seat and wanting more.

Worth It? – Yes.

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