Four Colour Thoughts – Scarlet Witch #1 (2023)

The Creators – Steve Orlando – Writer, Sara Pichelli – Artist, Elisabetta D’amico – Inker, Matthew Wilson – Colours, Cory Petit – Letters

The Players – Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, The Corrupter

The Plot – Wanda Maximoff is looking to do some good in the world, helping one person at a time.

The Take – Being another day at Marvel, they decided to give the Scarlet Witch another shot at a title, this time around by Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli. For a first issue, it was not overly exciting which was a bit of a downer but it was quite interesting and it set a new status quo for Wanda and everything that comes with that. She has a new life, so to speak, a business and a friend who works for her, a mission to help and how to help and an added goal of moving on with her life. She has a rough past but that does not mean that she has to live in it. It is nice to see Orlando acknowledge past events but not dwell on them as that is all the Scarlet Witch ever seems to do whenever someone takes her on. Instead, Orlando looks forward and makes Wanda look forward to and that makes this tale somewhat refreshing. The baggage is left at the curb and readers are given a whole new scenario to grow accustomed to and by the end of the issue, they do just that. The supporting cast is small which works just fine, much like it did for Stephen Strange for years upon years and while she magics help for those who end up walking through her door, there is nary a mention of chaos which is also a good thing. For the most part, aside from the villain called The Corrupter and what he does in this story, the book is fairly lighthearted and it is nice to see the Scarlet Witch in something that does not have a bit of darkness or tragedy associated with her. There is the ending, which is left on a cliffhanger of course, which does speak to her past in a way but it is complicated and it definitely leaves readers wanting a whole lot more. As for Pichelli, her work is as slick and detailed as ever, reminding readers that she is one of the best in the business today and with some great colouring from Matthew Wilson, it pops off the page to make for a truly great reading experience. Though it might have been a little light on action, the book had everything else going for it and keeps things intriguing enough so that readers want to see where it all leads.

Worth It? – Yes.

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