Issue by Issue – Legendary Star-Lord #3

Writer – Sam Humprhies
Artist – Paco Medina
Inker – Jaun Vlasco
Colours – David Curiel
Letters – Joe Caramagna

Star-Lord is in jail. Again. How he keeps ending up in one prison or another he will never know, though at this particular time it might have to do with the blood bounty the Badoon have put out on him. For better or worse, at least this time he has a couple of cellmates to spend time with. Staying in jail though is out of the question, so Peter devises a plan to get out and with the help of Kitty Pryde’s hologram, the spy from Spartax and the Badoon boy, he manages to do just that – as if there were any doubt. Sam Humphries delivers another solid, yet light, fun and entertaining issue of Star-Lord’s ongoing title. There really is not a whole lot to the book except pure entertainment which is to its benefit, for what more can one ask for. One thing that does continue to run through the title is a small plot thread about the orphanage from the first issue. Whether it will factor into the book later on in a more significant way or is simply a means to tie him back to Earth, whatever the reason, it is nice to see him come back home every now and then where before, he was never able to do so. His relationship with Kitty is more than intriguing, though how long he can keep it up considering it is quite long-distance, is more than likely up to the author of the Guardians of the Galaxy title that ran alongside this but it is quite fun and they do seem to fit together quite nicely. Paco Medina’s pencils are as sharp as ever and with Jaun Vlasco and David Curiel’s help, the book looks absolutely fantastic. The best thing about this issue is just how much fun it actually turns out to be. While not necessarily having to be beholden to any other book except in the most minimal of ways, it frees it up to do quick and enjoyable stories like this one without any consequences. As for what Humphries and Medina have in store for future issues, it is sure to be great.

4 out of 5

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