Issue by Issue – Bomba the Jungle Boy #2

Writer – George Kashdan
Artist – Leo Summers

Once again, Bomba is asked to do a little rescuing and because he is a good person through and through, agrees to do so. This time he is asked to rescue the daughter of a visiting archaeologist who is looking for a lost city of gold. While doing so, his daughter was abducted by a tribe led by a man named Buo Buo, a tribe so elusive as to be like the lost city of gold themselves. All of that being said though, Bomba is able to seek them out and the rescuing stops there as Buo Buo has heard about the famous Jungle Boy and wants to see what Bomba is made of. A series of tests take place with Bomba facing off against a giant snake, followed by a test of strength against a man so large, it is a wonder Bomba even survived. Though things might not go according to plan and be far harder than Bomba thought they would, he does what he must to free the young lady, her father and himself for that matter. Written by George Kashdan, the man throws everything he can at the young hero in this issue and it ends up being a lot of fun because of it. As for Leo Summers, he does a great job, for the most part, the book given a great energy throughout though there were a few panels here and there that simply looked unfinished when compared to the more meticulous renderings elsewhere. That being said though, none of it really suffered though and a person cannot help but have a good time when reading this particular issue should they ever get a chance to. As for the ending, it ends up being a happy one, or at the very least Bomba and the two people he was trying to save get to walk away with their lives which is what this endeavour was all about though it does take a lot of convincing to do so. That final moment though where the Incal chief agrees to free them at the now-found temple of gold is a little cheesy as it seemed to wrap things up a little too fast but all in all, made for a very fun read. Hopefully, in the third issue, Kashdan or whoever picks up the pen to write it will do something a little different so that every issue is not about Bomba rescuing someone. Maybe he can go on a quest or stop some greedy land developers or whatnot. Altogether, worth the price of admission.

3.5 out of 5

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