Issue by Issue – Oz #4

Writers – Stuart Kerr, Ralph Griffith
Artist – Bill Bryan
Letters – Susan Dorne

The Freedom Fighters, who were introduced previously and consist of Tik Tok, Amber Ombie, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Gump, Wogglebug, Hammerhead and more are now trying to determine whether Mary, a strange woman from Earth, should remain among their number. A wise precaution as the Nome King could have sent her as a spy. Mary for her part stands up for herself and when it all finally unfolds, she is allowed to stay. Additionally, they are mulling about the Scarecrow leaving his barn and just why it is that he has decided to visit the Tin Woodman. Some of them think it a good time to attack and yet, as they do that, they themselves are attacked by the Ladies Auxillary Brigade. Taken by surprise, the Freedom Fighters find themselves on the defensive and faring none too well which leads to them getting cut down or injured, one after the other. Stuart Kerr and Ralph Griffith with Bill Bryan in tow craft an exciting tale packed with action and a fair bit of fun as the battle between the Ladies Auxillary and the Freedom Fighters is a fierce one and yet no less so is that between the Scarecrow and his new friends with the Tin Man. As last seen, the Tin Man wanted to make Peter and Kevin slaves to his machine which none of them were having. Scarecrow is aghast at just how his old friend is acting and as words are having no effect on either side, it comes down to fisticuffs. One would naturally think that two humans and a man made of straw would be no match for the Tin Man but Kevin remembers what happened when they first faced Scarecrow when he was an evil monster. So it is that he races forward straight into danger so that he might rip the amulet from Tin Man’s neck and see if it works as well as it did the last time. Thankfully Kevin was right but not before the Scarecrow was ripped to pieces. Luckily enough, putting him back together is not a very big problem. Despite all the action, there were some great character moments, especially those involving the Freedom Fighters as readers got to know them a lot better including Amber Ombie and Wogglebug who is not as trusting as many of his peers. As for the Tin Man, he is ashamed that he could have ever acted as he did and together with Kevin, Peter and Scarcrow, as well as Max the dog, they talk about their next move which is where Griffith, Kerr and Bryan leave it off and on a cliff-hanger of course. Four issues in, this is the best issue of the book thus far.

4 out of 5

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