Four Colour Thoughts – Gargoyles #1 (2022)

The Creators – Greg Weisman – Writer, George Kambadais – Artist, Jeff Eckleberry – Letters

The Players – Goliath, Elisa Maza, Matt Bluestone, Angela, Bronx, Brooklyn, Katana, Lexington, Broadway, Hudson, Nashville, Coldstone, Coldfire, Talon, Maggie the Cat, Thailog

The Story – The Gargoyles protect Manhattan as they did their castle many hundreds of years past, yet this modern age presents challenges they still have not gotten ahold of with a gang war currently brewing.

The Take – It has been nearly thirty years since Gargoyles first premiered and with this issue, it marks the return of the property to the printed page after a very long time. Still beloved by many given the sales numbers that this issue purportedly had, Dynamite took a chance on this property and it paid off handsomely for them with Greg Weisman returning to shepherd the book along as if no time had passed at all. Taking place sometime after the last television series, Weisman introduces the cast to readers and it has come a long way since the original clan members people first met, a number of them having kids now and the rookery containing eggs, a sign that they are no longer on the brink of extinction. A new threat is also made known in this first issue, a war between two gangs that are threatening the peace in the city and with the Gargoyles involved, one has to wonder just where it will lead as things could get very complicated very soon. The nostalgia hits hard when reading this introductory issue, Weisman hitting all the right notes with all the key phrases from the show, all the emotions that play through the mind with the relationship between Elisa and Goliath on full display and one cannot help but feel they are watching the animated show as they read this. Making it hit as hard as it does is the artwork by George Kambadais, the man perfectly captures the look and feel of the show though it feels somewhat more vibrant with its colouring throughout. Everyone looks as they should, and when it comes time to bring in the various Gargoyles, it is done with a bit of flair so that it hits home with readers familiar with the property. Altogether, this was a solid opener that feels like coming home and it promises more to come for those that stick it out with an appearance by Thailog which can only mean bad things. Sadly, there is no Demona but who knows what the future will be.  As it is, great stuff all around.

Worth It? – Yes

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