Issue by Issue – Beware the Creeper #3

Writer – Dennis O’Neil
Artist – Steve Ditko

The Creeper is still doing his thing, stopping criminals and leaving them for the police to find despite being wanted by the law himself. As for his alter-ego, Jack Ryder, he is being pressured to find some dirt on the Creeper, his boss unaware that the two are one and the same. As it is, Ryder heads to a previously uncharted island where Vera Green, the sometimes bane of his existence though maybe he really likes her deep inside, had ended up. Upon arriving he discovers that trouble is brewing upon the isle as armed thugs in masks have taken it over and as such, it is up to the Creeper to save the day. It is not as easy as it seems though, mostly for the fact that there are far more of the villains than there are of him and yet, with a little persistence, the Creeper manages to overcome. He saves Vera and hides her away and makes good on his promise to punish the bad guys for their audacity to enslave the inhabitants of the island and he does not do so lightly, showing a violence not previously seen in the series. Perhaps this all has to do with his current problems, namely being wanted by the police and the fact that the man who was impersonating him is still on the loose. Dennis O’Neil does a great job at crafting an exciting story though one cannot forget Steve Ditko whose artistry makes it come alive off the page. There is some interesting characterization going on with the Creeper as previously mentioned and Jack Ryder as well what with him being the hero’s alter-ego. One has to wonder if he will be able to rein it in a little before he goes too far and he does something that he will regret or if he is simply trying to put a button on everything before the situation on the island gets anymore out of control. Whatever the case, the Creeper finds a lot of action within these pages which is exactly how it should be. The only thing the reader was not subjected to was more Vera which is not a bad thing. She does make things interesting for Ryder much to his discontent though there are moments where it seems like he enjoys her company, either that or he is really good at humouring her. Altogether, a fun issue that entertains thoroughly.

3.5 out of 5

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