Issue by Issue – Guardians 3000 #6

Writer – Dan Abnett
Artist – Nico Leon
Colours – Edgar Delgado
Letters – Clayton Cowles

Geena Drake finally gets to meet the Old Hunger, that being Galactus, and it is there that she asks for his help in saving the universe. Surprise, surprise, Galactus does not care one little bit as he will just ride it out into the next one and pick up where he left off. As such, he does know about time breaking down and where it all started so after a little conversation, he eventually decides to help her and the Guardians out just a little bit and sends them back in time where they meet up with the current day Guardians of the Galaxy. With Secret War thrust upon the Marvel Universe and all of their titles within, this book takes it and weaves it flawlessly into the story courtesy of Dan Abnett. So not only are the Avengers dealing with the incursions, but now the future Guardians of the Galaxy are in the mix, along with the current Guardians. This issue featured a lot of fun moments between characters, starting out with Geena and Galactus. Additionally, when the two teams meet for the first time it is pretty comical and to find that Drax is the one who is the most sensible out of all of them is even better. What is fantastic to see, and which is even mentioned by one of the characters in the book, is how they did not fall into the cliché of fighting first and asking questions later. But there is a problem taking place, aside from time being destroyed and all, and that is A-Sentience who has decided that it falls upon itself to safeguard time. It is then that the two teams do find something to battle and it only gets increasingly better when the rest of the future Guardians show up at the end of the story. Nico Leon comes on board as penciller and his work looks great, keeping up the energy that Gerardo Sandoval had infused in the title during his run and it looks like it is going to be needed as the next issue looks like it will be action-packed. This is by far one of the best ‘ Guardians books that have ever been released, bar none. It might have been said before but it does bear repeating.

4.5 out of 5

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