Issue by Issue – Black Condor #11

Writer – Brian Augustyn
Artist – Rags Morales
Inker – Richard Space
Colours – Eric Kachelhofer
Letters – Gaspar Saladino

In a story called The Legend Of The Black Condor, Brian Augustyn and Rags Morales seem to finally be getting down to the revealing of at least some of Black Condor’s secrets, his origin and so forth – something they have been teasing since the beginning of the series. At least one would think that. Instead what readers get with this issue is just another big tease, a ruse that is supposed to be a bit of fun and yet falls a little flat as for ten issues, all readers have wanted are some answers to all the questions that have been asked throughout. The story finds a reporter looking to make his big break, one who has tracked down Black Condor and gets the lowdown from Ned who gives him a bit of hooey with a tale of some birds who raised a kid as their own ala Tarzan’s origin. The book breezes by in no time and one cannot fault the creative team as they do a good job with the pacing and overall, the story is mildly amusing but it is frustrating as well. Incredibly so as yet again, nothing of note really happens. It is just another tale of a hero who does not want to be a hero told by a couple of storytellers who do not seem to want to tell his tale. Obviously, they do but it is almost a waste of the reader’s time to find another ‘filler’ issue in a series that is padded with them. Just when things get going, like in the previous couple of books, they grind it all to a halt as if revealing anything would be a detriment to the character when in fact it would be the opposite. Again, it is frustrating more than anything else to have invested this much time in a series to get very little from it. As for this particular issue, Morales does a solid job on the artwork and Augustyn makes it all amusing and enjoyable enough but it is simply not enough to continue to hold the attention of the readers. As fate would have it, the next issue is the last and it is doubtful that much would be revealed in that one either.

2 out of 5

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