Issue by Issue – War is Hell #5

Artists – Bill Benulis, Dick Giordano, Gene Colan, Jay Scott Pike
Colours – Stan Goldberg
Letters – Jon D’Agostino

War is Hell continues with the reprints, the first of which is called The Man Who Volunteered and it begins with a man hoping to get a medal like his grandfather did. As it is, the man is an engineer and never sees battle so his hopes of getting one are all but dashed. A mission comes up though that requires his work, that and his men and it concerns the blowing up of a bridge so that the enemy is stopped in their tracks. Suffice it to say, they are successful and in the end, that man gets his medal even though he had given up all hope of one. One-Man Mission is a tale about a young man who harbours a grudge against all Germans thanks to one crotchety old German man who ran a camera store in his hometown. Said grudge comes to play a part in his latest mission, one where he flies solo thanks to his speaking a little of the enemy’s language and more to the point, the familiarity with their commanding officer – the very same old man from his hometown. Demolition Squad is an interesting little adventure that involves a group of Americans and some Koreans, each at either end of a pass that is rigged to blow. Each group waits for the other to make their move in order to claim a win over the other and yet neither does. Soon it comes to a point where they each get the bright idea of sabotaging the other’s lines so as to incapacitate their explosives. Like most tales in this title so far, when it all comes down to it when everything that matters reaches that critical moment, it lands on the shoulders of one man to save the day and he does just that right in the nick of time. Finally, in Platoon… Trapped!, there is a platoon in desperate need of everything – men, supplies, guns and so forth. They are outnumbered and unable to do anything except wait for that bitter end they know will arrive if reinforcements fail to heed their calls for help. Eventually, one man shows up and to the captain, he seems useless. Better no men than this man and yet, he wants to prove himself worthy and capable of standing with these soldiers and does just that. Four solid, action-packed tales of war that are sure to captivate the reader from cover to cover from a bevy of talented artists who make it all look good.

4 out of 5

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