Issue by Issue – War is Hell #4

Artists – Paul Reinman, Dick Ayers, Joe Sinnott
Inker – Ernie Bache

The first story in this book called Under Fire! is centred around a man named Bill Ames, a combat medic who will do what it takes to keep his men going and help those in need no matter the danger. Ames goes on to show amazing feats of courage while under fire, helping the men who become wounded and doing so when everyone else thinks it impossible. Soon he heads off to do his job once more but upon arriving, finds himself in a bit of a quandary as he not only finds the man he was looking for but a German as well. What follows is a hard choice but one that is not really hard at all. The second tale called In Enemy Territory is about a Southern captain who is sent to a new company out of New York, one tasked with a critical mission. He is not too happy about the situation but is planning on making the best of it yet finds it hard with these men, complete strangers with mannerisms he does not understand. Soon that is all put to bed as he witnesses the heroism of these men on full display and he can say when it is all done and finished that he is proud to serve alongside them. The third outing in the book finds a group of Japanese soldiers about to be overtaken and yet they devise a plan to hole up inside of a ravine, defending one end while planting mines behind them so that they will be able to easily defend it. It sounds like a good plan and yet there is one man among the Allies who realizes that there is a flaw in it, the most unlikely of men and it is he who is going to win this skirmish for them. Finally, the book closes out with the tale of the Alamo, that most famous of stories that would see the last stand of Davy Crocket among the rest of the brave men that would fall that day. It is superbly written though there are no writer’s credits, nor are there for any of the stories in this book for that matter. Most know the story of the Alamo, of how those men made their last stand, of how they stood against oppression and this story provides the dramatic punch needed to drive it all home again. The rest of the book as drawn by Paul Reinman, Dick Ayers and Joe Sinnott is a great read, each story delivering in its own unique ways and it is as captivating as every previous issue to come before it.

4 out of 5

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